Reasons People Invest in Static Caravan Holiday Homes

Every family or individual has their own reason for starting their holiday home search.

At Holiday Home Buyer we’ve heard some truly weird and wonderful reasons! However, there are some reasons that crop up again and again.

We thought we’d share some of these reasons and see if any strike a chord with you!

1. More Family Time

Do you remember a time when everyone would sit down on a Sunday to enjoy a family day? Or perhaps you remember going to your grandparents’ house to spend quality time with loved ones?

Try to imagine it happening now – it’s a distant memory for lots of families!

Lots of people are too busy to keep time free for the other generations and before you know it, the kids are grown up and ready to head into the world themselves.

A static caravan offers a place to shut off those distractions and spend precious quality time with the other generations in the family.

2. Time on your hands

Retirement looks like such a wonderful prospect! Finally, an end to the early mornings and the daily grind, but what is work replaced with?

After the initial novelty wears off there’s a lot of time to get bored – that sock drawer can only be rearranged so many times!

Having a holiday home opens the door to another area, with wonderful new places to see, interesting people to meet, exciting new hobbies to discover.

Fancy fishing? Photography? Walking? Or just some new places to explore? A holiday home gives you a perfect base.

3. Location, location, location

Lots of people have grumbles about how their community feels different in recent years, that familiar feel of streets, estates and areas across the UK can feel like a thing of the past.

This often makes people consider leaving areas they’ve grown up in – with the daunting prospect of relocation, new jobs and moving from family.

Choosing instead to escape to a holiday home with your free time means a return to friendly neighbours, not worrying about the kids playing out – and popping to a neighbour to borrow a pint of milk doesn’t have to be a thing of the past.

4. A Place to ‘Switch Off’

The modern world seems designed to ensure you don’t get a moments rest.

Whether it’s post landing on the mat, constant phone calls, text messages, favours being asked… time actually spent relaxing without worrying about distractions is becoming increasingly hard to find!

Having a holiday home can lift you up and take you away from those day-to-day distraction. Beeps, ringing and the sound of bills coming through the door can be replaced by birds singing or waves coming in on a holiday park!

5. An injection of life!

It’s often the same people sitting in the same seats at the local pub isn’t it? The same grumpy shop assistant who can’t seem to smile or the same frowns you see at work every day?

If you’ve ever felt that life needs a bit of a ‘pick me up’ then having a holiday home could be exactly the right thing.

In a recent study commissioned by a large holiday park provider, people were asked to recall a favourite memory – 82% of people recalled a recent holiday (that’s more than picked their wedding day!) – with a holiday home every weekend could become your favourite time!

6. The weekend goes so quickly.

Work’s done and it’s 10pm on Friday evening before you know it.

By the time the shopping’s done on Saturday it’s about time to get the TV on to catch Ant and Dec. Sunday dinner takes three hours to prepare then twenty minutes to eat – then it’s 4pm, just enough time to work through that pile of ironing before the dreaded Sunday blues set it!

Or, bundle the family in the car at 6pm Friday, get to your holiday home by 8pm and have the car unpacked and your feet up with a cool drink by 8.15pm – you’ve still got two whole days of relaxing before you even need to think about making a packed lunch…

7. Normal routine can cost so much!

A Friday night takeaway for four, £25. Family cinema trip with snacks, £50. A hour of soft play area for two kids, £10. Four carvery meals with drinks, £50.

Okay, we know you probably won’t do all of those things this weekend, but even the cinema and takeaway adds up to £75, which is £300 over the course of a month.

If life with those little treats feels good then great! But if you still find yourself thinking there’s something else you’re missing out on, consider diverting some of that money into a change of lifestyle – most holiday park operators can offer holiday homes at monthly payments of around £200 or less – and that still leaves some fish and chip allowance when you’re relaxing by the seaside!

If any of the above rings true with you then why not send us an email? Holiday Park Expert works hand in hand with some of the best holiday park operators in the country – providing cost effective holiday homes on every kind of park you can imagine. We’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction to start making your leisure time wishes into reality!

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